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Become A Brow Tech!

Are you looking for a career in beauty? Do you want to be in charge of your own schedule or work from anywhere? Did you know you can become a brow tech and easily earn over £45k per year, just doing 35 sets of brows per week? You will be amazed at how easy it is to become a professional brow technician. The only prerequisite needed? A desire to learn and be great..

How to become a brow tech?

So you're thinking about becoming a brow tech? Great! Whether you're brand new to the beauty industry or you're already working as a hair stylist, makeup artist or another beauty professional, becoming a brow tech is an excellent way to increase your client base and your earning potential.

Why become a brow tech?

The demand for brow treatments is growing!

There are more than 70 million people in the UK, and the British beauty industry is worth over £28 billion pounds. At Beautifix, we estimate that only around 2% of women have their brows professionally groomed, so there's huge potential for growth in this area.

You can work anywhere

The beauty industry has traditionally been centred on salons and spas, but many professionals are now offering services at their clients' homes or workplaces. You could even set up shop at a shopping centre or market stall or rent out space in an established salon. The opportunities are endless!

You can make great money

As a qualified brow tech working on your own, we estimate that you can easily earn over £45000 per year by doing just 35 sets of brows per week! There is so much more potential if you wish to expand further into other services such as lash extensions or LVL, or working increased hours. As a beautician, you are your own boss.

No experience needed

You don’t need any experience to become a brow tech. You can get qualified and accredited with our Beautifix Brow course, which will help you become one of the best in the industry! Once you’ve completed your training, you can start offering services at discounted rates or special offers on social media platforms like facebook and twitter so that you can attract customers without spending too much money One of the best ways to get started, is to offer complimentary services to friends and family members so you can practice and build up your portfolio.

Sound Good?

Becoming a beauty technician is a great career move. It’s a great way to become your own boss, work for yourself and have flexible working hours. We offer professional training which will allow you to start your career immediately as a fully qualified beautician so you can get out there and start making money straight away! In just 1 day, you will receive all the necessary training to begin your new career helping customers feel more beautiful – with a natural and tailored brow service that suits their individual face shape! Our courses are designed to make it easy for you to start your new career. We want you to be successful, and we will guide you every step of the way.

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